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Submit your Mechanical Engineering article to Journal of Engineering

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 IET Journals The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Be an engineering pioneer
- publish your paper open access in ...
The Journal of Engineering IET Open Access Research

We would like to encourage authors to submit their research to the mechanical engineering section of The Journal of Engineering, and join the growing numbers of authors experiencing the benefits of publishing open access.

Our broad scope is perfect for papers in:
  • Emerging Areas of Research
  • Interdisciplinary Research Areas
  • Unusual Research Areas
We are looking for papers in areas such as:
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Smart Systems
  • Composite Materials

Publishing open access is the perfect way to maximise the exposure of your work for new and experienced researchers alike.


What does JoE publish?
We believe that the significance of all research is ultimately judged by the individual reading the article and the community as a whole and that no scientifically sound article should go unpublished. As such, we encourage submissions of all types of research, including:

Original Research - including valuable incremental advances in the field that may not be considered significant enough for other journals

Null or negative results - we welcome papers that may not have been considered by other journals as their null results are perceived to be insignificant.  They are not and deserve to be published! 

Case studies - reports on applications of new technologies in industry or research are a valuable resource for all researchers and companies, and JoE makes such information freely available and easy to access.

If you would like more information about JoE or you would like to discuss whether your paper is suited to this journal, contact the team. As a new journal, we are interested in your views and would welcome the opportunity to answer your questions. Find out more information about the copyright licences that are available and our competitive article processing charges.

Kind regards

David Simm
Managing Editor, IET’s The Journal of Engineering

www.thejournalofengineering. org


The Journal of Engineering is published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology



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