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Register for June 17 Talk with Adrian Cockroft: "The Evolution of Microservices"

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ACM Learning Webinars
June 9, 2016
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Reminder: Register for June 17 Talk with Adrian Cockroft: "The Evolution of Microservices"
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If you haven't yet done so, register now for the next free ACM Learning Webinar, "The Evolution of Microservices," presented on Friday, June 17 at 12 pm ET by Adrian Cockroft, Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures. The talk will be followed by a question-and-answer session moderated by John Wetherill, Principal Architect at BNY Mellon and Member of the ACM San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

(If you'd like to attend but can't make it to the virtual event, register now to receive a recording of the webinar when it becomes available.)

Note: You can stream this and all ACM Learning Webinars on your mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

Where did microservice architectures come from and where are they going? Architecture patterns are optimizations based on assumptions about what is expensive or difficult vs. what is cheap or easy. As technology evolves things that were formerly hard to do become trivial, and a disconnect arises that causes old architectural and organizational patterns to become obsolete, and new ones to appear. Over the last few years cloud and containerization have driven a move to microservice architectures, serverless deployments and integrated DevOps based organizations. Products, the organizations that build them, and the architectures that implement them all need to be able to evolve as they adapt to changes on shorter and shorter timescales. This talk will describe how to simulate and visualize large scale microservices deployments in a few seconds.

Duration: 60 minutes (including audience Q&A)

Adrian CockroftTechnology Fellow, Battery Ventures 
Adrian Cockcroft has had a long career working at the leading edge of technology. He's always been fascinated by what comes next, and he writes and speaks extensively on a range of subjects. At Battery, he advises the firm and its portfolio companies about technology issues and also assists with deal sourcing and due diligence. Before joining Battery, Adrian helped lead Netflix's migration to a large scale, highly available public-cloud architecture and the open sourcing of the cloud-native NetflixOSS platform. Prior to that at Netflix he managed a team working on personalization algorithms and service-oriented refactoring. 

Adrian was a founding member of eBay Research Labs, developing advanced mobile applications and even building his own homebrew phone, years before iPhone and Android launched. As a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems he wrote the best-selling Sun Performance and Tuning book and was chief architect for High Performance Technical Computing. He graduated from The City University, London with a Bsc in Applied Physics and Electronics, and was named one of the top leaders in Cloud Computing in 2011 and 2012 by SearchCloudComputing magazine. He can usually be found on Twitter @adrianco.

John WetherillPrincipal Architect, BNY Mellon; Member, ACM San Francisco Bay Area Chapter 
John Wetherill, Principal Architect at BNY Mellon's Innovation Center in Palo Alto, spent much of his career designing and building software at a handful of startups, at Sun Microsystems, NeXT Inc., and in the smart grid and energy space. His biggest passion is for tools, languages, processes, and systems that improve developer productivity and quality of life. 

John has spent the last four years immersed in Cloud Foundry, and continues to focus on cloud technologies including PaaS, microservices, and containerization. At the BNY Mellon Innovation Center Silicon Valley he is helping drive the adoption of cloud and related technologies across the bank.

Visit learning.acm.org/webinar/ for our full archive of past webinars.

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