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Tech Insights: Two fast ways to learn about massive MIMO (Sponsored Content)

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2 Quick Ways To Learn About Massive MIMO
Complimentary resources answer all your questions
Massive MIMO Webcast 
Massive MIMO webcast
The new on-demand Keysight 5G webcast "Massive MIMO Technology Insights and Challenges" reviews various multi-antenna techniques, building to the definition of massive MIMO and how it could be deployed in 5G communications systems. You'll see simulation data that shows expected capacity improvements and learn about issues that may impact massive MIMO performance. Enjoy this insightful webcast on-demand.
View Massive MIMO Webcast >
Massive MIMO is one of the new technologies expected to be deployed in 5G. However, many engineers have questions about what massive MIMO really means: Is massive MMO just MIMO with more antennas? Can massive MIMO be added to existing communications standards? Will massive MIMO be used only at millimeter frequencies? 

The free Keysight 5G poster "10 Things You Should Know About Massive MIMO" summarizes the fundamental differences in MIMO technologies. It's the perfect companion piece to the "Massive MIMO Technology Insights and Challenges" webcast. Supplies are limited, so order your poster now.
10 Things You Should Know About Massive MIMO poster 
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Get ready for design and test with complimentary resources that answer your massive MIMO questions.

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